Bassi Group

The Bassi Group designs and manufactures butt weld fittings, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, skids and slug catchers for use in the oil and gas, power generation, petrochemical and off-shore industries.

Established in 1962 in Italy, the company’s technological innovation and vast experience of production processes enable it to produce mission critical piping systems.

As a world leader in fitting production and prefabrications, the Bassi Group has been granted the most important certifications to work in power generation, oil and gas and the nuclear plant industries.

The Bassi Group fittings and prefabrication solutions include:

  • Fittings
    •  – A335 Gr. P91 / Riser spools / Manifolds / Launching and Receiving Traps / Barred Tees / Sphere Tees / Bends / Elbows / Caps / Reducers / Y pieces / Special pieces
  • Prefabrication
    •  – Skids / Pressure Vessels / Heat Exchangers / Slug Catchers
  • Materials
    •  – Carbon Steel / Alloy Steel / Stainless Steel / Duplex & Super Duplex / 6% Molloy / Inconel / Incoloy / Copper Nickel / Titanium

Further Information

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